Adminitration Coordinator Kinshasa

  • Kinshasa, Kinshasa, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
  • Finance

Code posting: RAF E04/02/2021

Reports To: Administration and Procurement Manager

Posting date: 06 september 2021

Closing date: 08 september 2021     


The Administration Coordinator Katanga Region reports to the Administration/Project Manager of the company at Head Office as the primary supervisor and the Regional Manager Katanga as the secondary supervisor. He/she is responsible for the supervision and implementation of FINCA’s administrative processes and procedures in Katanga region ensuring that FINCA’s procurement, facilities management, security and administration activities and strategies are in accordance with established policy.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.


General Management

  • Supervise all administrative and procurement activities ensuring that they are performed efficiently and effectively.
  • Assist the Administration/Project Manager in creating and updating administrative, procurement and logistical policies, guidelines and procedures, and ensure that these policies and procedures are implemented in all FINCA offices in Katanga.


  • Plan, manage and monitor all procurement in all FINCA offices in Katanga and ensure that such purchases are made according to FINCA procurement policies and procedures.
  • Identify and build a working relationship with best suppliers and service providers in the region.
  • Negotiate with suppliers to obtain the best possible price and quality for major procurements required for FINCA offices in Katanga with the support of Head office administration where so required.
  • Negotiate and manage all contracts for the procurement of rental car services, communication, maintenance, fuel, gas, etc. for the region where so required.
  • Ensure that all FINCA offices in the region are adequately stocked with necessary supplies and forms. Coordinate any supply requests according to the supply request procedure.
  • Ensure that procurement personnel in the region procure and provide timely supplies as per the requests made by staff.
  • Ensure that all major purchases made in FINCA offices in the region are approved and properly documented and recorded in inventory lists.
  • Ensure that travel arrangement for all regional staff, both within country and oversees are being processed and arranged efficiently with the support of Head Office.
  • Ensure that all bills are paid in-full and on a timely basis.


Establishment or Renovation of Premises

  • Search and recommend new locations for branches as shall be authorized and coordinate the change to new location of existing branches in the region.
  • Assist the Administration/Project Manager in all phases of construction / maintenance of new and existing branches in the region.
  • Coordinate to ensure the launching of a new branch is done on time, on budget and according to FINCA branding standards and under the law.
  • Ensure proper oversight of contractors renovating / building new FINCA offices
  • Must have a very professional working relationship with engineers, architects and the landlord who are integral elements of the construction process.
  • Must plan and liaise with other colleagues/departments to get things together at the right time and place; for example with procurement, marketing, IT, etc.
  • Ensure regulations relating to health safety and the environment are up to date on construction sites and existing branches in the region.
  • Provide weekly report with appropriate recommendations on the evolution of construction/maintenance projects in the region.
  • Make procurement recommendations to the procurement committee regarding the procurement or services and materials for construction/maintenance of new and existing branches in the region.


Facilities Management

  • Ensure smooth relations with all landlords/caretakers and ensure obligations to the same are met on time
  • Assist the Administration/Project Manager to negotiate lease agreements, ensure premises are free from encumbrances and manage contracts or other legal agreements with input from legal department or company attorney
  • Obtain all necessary permits and licenses
  • Ensure that FINCA premises in the region are kept clean and professional in appearance and that they meet FINCA brand standards
  • Manage day to day maintenance of branches in the region, assess branches for maintenance needs, and provide assistance to branches when maintenance is required.
  • Ensure that all office commodities and equipment (chairs, desks, computers, etc.) are properly maintained and serviced or repaired by approved vendors.
  • Assist the Branch Managers in obtaining additional office space as necessary.
  • Manage and monitor facilities including utilities such as  water, electricity and telephone
  • Manage the repairs and services of the office equipment
  • Check and process invoices to finance for payment where so required.


Fixed Asset Management

  • Ensure that all FINCA fixed assets in the region are coded, labeled and logged into the fixed asset registry at the time of acquisition and that movement of all FINCA assets within the branches or to outside parties is accurately and completely tracked at all times
  • Maintain a system to report current and accurate data to the finance department.
  • Ensure that all FINCA offices and branches in the region use the appropriate inventory management and asset registration system.
  • Perform an annual check on inventory and prepare proper documentation for the removal of damaged or outdated assets.
  • Develop and coordinate a schedule for carrying out the assessment of assets for every branch of FINCA in the region.
  • Participate in developing a maintenance schedule of all assets, including the establishment of a maintenance cycle appropriate for buildings, vehicles and other fixed assets affected in conjunction with external service providers.
  • Identify, recommend and (after approval) liaise with appropriate departments as per procedures to conduct sales of depreciated items as well as items to be disposed.
  • Ensure that staff in the region are trained and monitored on proper care of assets



Administrative Function

  • Ensure efficiency in mail handling, including incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Make sure that all official communications from / to outside organizations (government bodies, media, private companies, etc) are routed to the correct manager / organization.
  • Make sure that all external and internal FINCA conferences and meetings in the region are administratively and logistically supported.
  • Ensure that all offices maintain and log all keys and access is controlled.
  • Ensure that travel arrangements and accommodation for all international and national staff, travelling to the region are being processed and arranged efficiently.


Store Management

  • Coordinate related branch stores for efficient management/records
  • Monitor the receipt and storage of materials, equipment, supplies the branches in the region
  • Monitor the records and documentation changes in inventory according to established procedures
  • Ensure that the stores at all branches in the region are well arranged and neat.
  • Ensure that supplies at the branches in the region are within established limits that there is a plan for replacement of depleted or fast moving items
  • Maintain an up to date inventory record of all equipment and supplies purchased in the region and that this is consistent with records at head office.
  • Verify clerical computations against physical count of stock and adjusts errors in computation or count, or investigate and report reasons for discrepancies.


  • Implementation of the company’s security procedures with respect to physical security at the branches (alarms and guards)  and coordination with the third party provider
  • Training of staff on emergency procedures in case of fire
  • Ensuring that the firefighting equipment is in good working order.


Legal Support

  • Support the legal department in the registration of mortgages on securities at the government authorities when new SME loans are issued and in the lifting of the mortgages at the maturity of the loans.
  • Maintain a register of all registered mortgages and ensure that the up to date information is consistent with the records at Head Office.
  • In conjunction with the Legal Counsel and RM, maintain good working relationships with the external legal counsel in the Katanga region.


Customer Service

  • The Administration Department ensures that FINCA premises in the region, infrastructure, supplies, materials are in good quality, well maintained and visually appealing. In collaboration with marketing, they ensure marketing materials and office supplies are procured and distributed in a timely manner to ensure and ongoing seamless client servicing.

Administration contributes to the customer experience by:

  • procuring and arranging installation of marketing materials including indoor and outdoor signage and branch design layout compliant with FINCA’s Branding Standards, in coordination with the Marketing Department;
  • Purchasing furniture, equipment and office supplies at low costs, with good quality and high efficiency compliant with company Procurement Policy
  • ensuring supplies, e.g. brochures, application forms, business cards, etc., are readily available to ensure smooth transaction for customers; and,
  • Adhering to the maintenance, cleaning and painting regular schedules for all offices.



  • Other tasks and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time.





Supervisory Responsibility

Indirect supervision of all FINCA employees involved in administration and procurement at all branches in the region.



To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Project Management. Develops project plans; coordinates projects; communicates changes and progress; completes projects on time and budget; manages project team activities
  • Interpersonal Skills. Maintains confidentiality; good listening skills; open to new ideas and able to initiate change
  • Oral Communication. clear and persuasive speaker; listens and gets clarification; demonstrates group presentation skills; participates in meetings
  • Written Communication. Writes clearly and informatively; presents numerical data effectively
  • Quality Management. Looks for ways to improve and promote quality; demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness; fosters quality focus in subordinates; monitors own work to ensure quality.
  • Teamwork.  Open to others' views; contributes to building a positive team spirit;
  • Business Acumen. Demonstrates knowledge of working procedures; aligns work with strategic goals; understands implications of decisions; demonstrates knowledge of market and competition
  • Ethics. Treats people with respect; Keeps commitments; Inspires the trust of others; Works with integrity and ethically; Upholds organizational values, policies and procedures
  • Organizational Support. Follows policies and procedures; supports organization's goals and values
  • Strategic thinking.  Gathers and analyzes information skillfully; develops strategies to achieve organizational goals; analyzes market and competition; identifies external threats and opportunities
  • Planning/Organizing. Sets goals and objectives; organizes or schedules other people and their tasks; develops realistic action plans
  • Adaptability. Adapts to changes in the work environment; Manages competing demands; Changes approach or method to best fit the situation; Able to deal with frequent change, delays, or unexpected events.
  • Professionalism. Approaches others in a tactful manner; reacts well under pressure; treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; accepts responsibility for own actions; follows through on commitments.
  • Cost Consciousness. Works within approved budget; conserves organizational resources.



Education and Experience

  • University degree in economics, finance, management, business, or another related field
  • At least 5 years of professional experience with a minimum of 3 years of procurement or administrative management experience in a busy business environment
  • At least 1 year of mid-level management experience


Language Skills

  • Fluency in French and Swahili,
  • Working knowledge in the English language is an added advantage


Computer Skills         

  • Proficient in MS-Office Suite (especially Word and Excel);



Key Relationships

Internal Relationships

  • Administration/Project Manager
  • Legal Counsel
  • Finance and Administration staff at Head Office
  • Branch Managers in Region
  • Branch Accountants in Region
  • Heads of Departments at Head Office


External Relationships

  • Security firms
  • Landlords
  • Maintenance Service Providers
  • Cleaning Service Providers
  • Contractors, Architects and Similar
  • Realtors
  • All suppliers
  • External Legal Counsel in Region


Travel Requirements

Availability to travel within Katanga Region and Head Office (55% of the time)


Key Performance Indicators

a)     Maintenance of all branches in good state of repair and maintenance

b)    Strict adherence to FINCA’s procurement processes and procedures

c)     Control and management of expenditure in the region, seeking best prices at all times and value for money

d)    Effective monitoring of the company’s fixed assets in the region and ensuring that they are all tagged and recorded in the fixed assets register at head office and that repairs and replacements are made where required.

e)     Implementation of the company’s security procedures with respect to physical security at the branches and coordination with the third party provider, training of staff on emergency procedures in case of fire and ensuring that the firefighting equipment is in good working order.

f)     Ensure effective and efficient management of stores and inventory in the region to ensure that there is no wastage, theft or miss-use of company property.

g)    Timely and proper registration of mortgages on SME securities and maintenance of adequate and accurate records on the same.

h)     Maintain good working relationships with FINCA’s suppliers and partners in the region.

i)      Maintain good working relationships with Head Office Finance and Administration, the RM and BMs ensuring timely communication of issues arising to enable timely resolution.

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