Product Specialist

  • Kinshasa, Kinshasa, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
  • Mobile and Digital Business

Posting Code     : RAF T03/09/2019

Responsable Hiérarchique   : Product Specialist

Catégorie                             : FTE

Lieu d'affectation                 : Kinshasa

Nombre de poste à pourvoir : 1

Closing Date                         : 12/10/2019



The Product Specialist is responsible for specific product(s) including but not limited product profitability (P&L), product features improvement, innovation, product training and support, product performance measurement and customer journey improvement.


The emergence of new business and operating models to provide retail financial services to the bottom-of-the-pyramid is both a threat and an opportunity for FINCA DRC. It threatens FINCA’s traditional business model of highly labour intensive group lending services, but at the same time it gives FINCA DRC the opportunity to leverage its vast experience serving the low income market with new innovative solutions to replace mature and hardly scalable methodologies to provide financial services to this hard to reach customer segment.

To maintain FINCA’s strong position in the DRC as a key player among the providers of retail financial services for the mass it is the right moment to leverage this opportunity by creating a dedicated business unit. This unit will be responsible for taking care of financial services that are delivered through Mobile platforms that combine new and existing technological innovations (e.g. mobile phones, “big data”, credit scoring algorithms), non-branch channels (e.g. mobile banking) and new products combining such new technologies and channels.


Note: Other duties may be assigned

  1. Product performance   

Be a key stakeholder in the development and improvement of product features Participates in the development of effective collection strategies for loan. Work with cross functional teams to develop / update credit policies. Identifies discrepancies in product policies and recommends adjustments. Prepare planning (daily, weekly and monthly) for loans disbursement/repayment and meet the defined targets    Define strategies to acquire more value customers, and mobilize deposit    Make sure all customers journeys are mapped properly Responsible for product improvement Relationship management of all partnerships  Raise current borrower’s retention through click product offers; Improve operational efficiency; Supervise the recovery team under his/her responsibility

Recovery: responsible for loan recovery Collections: develop scoring based strategies to optimize collections for loans and meet the target on PAR

Credit underwriting improvement: identification of dishonest behaviour , Adjustment of risk appetite (upper and lower cut off scores), etc. Responsible for the business P&L and financial forecasted budget of the product Relationship management with partnership Work in conjunction with internal IT to ensure the technology and platforms are up 24/7   Perform ongoing calibration of scoring algorithms if any. E.g. adjust weight of application and behavioural data vis-a-vis repayment history. Document how the scoring algorithm works. Analysis of daily/weekly / monthly dashboards  Make analysis and recommendations on the credit cycle phases; analysis aimed at promoting and maintaining advanced automated decision strategies in the loan cycle:

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